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About me

Senior Full Stack QA Engineer at Wrike with deep experience in various testing areas: Desktop, Web (FE&BE).

Experienced in Java, Python, Selenium, SQL. I worked as a member of a globally distributed and cross-functional teams. Improved a lot of QA/Team processes and significantly increased the quality of our products.

Flexible, self-organized, team-oriented.

Constant professional growth and love for my work is the secret of my success.

I strive to work only on interesting and inspiring projects. This is one of the most important criteria for me. My goal is to see happy faces of satisfied users, and believe me, I know what they look like.


Download My CV (not available for now)

My latest projects

My Latest Projects


The Telegram bot 

I developed a Telegram bot that provided fast access to necessary information during daily work. The bot was used by testers, developers, and project managers alike.

Language: Python


The Logger program

At Wärtsilä, we had test stands that simulated real ships, namely ship control bridges. The number of workstations varies depending on the ship. During system tests, particularly during performance testing, it was important to quickly collect and analyze characteristics from each station.

To make this possible with just a single click, I developed an application that allowed us to gather all the necessary information from each station in a matter of seconds.

The result: a reduction in time from 15 minutes to 10 seconds.

Language: Python

Clever Bot (AI)
Screenshot 2023-06-08 at 12.46.38.png

Clever Bot (AI)

I developed my own Telegram bot based on API by ChatGpt. The advantages are: 
1. Always at hand 
2. Pre-defined functions (I don't need to generate a prompt every time) 
3. Intuitive and accessible interface 
4. All my relatives can easily use it for their purposes.

I have described in detail in my blog.

Language: Python


Epassi Chrome Extension
Image 7.10.2023 at 21.54.jpg

Epassi Chrome Extension

I developed an internal tool for the fastest test data generation. 

Main advantages:
1. Always at hand 

2. Instant creation of new entities:companies, employees, users, service providers, sites

3. Quick balance top-up

4. Instant login as admin

5. Instant login as entity without extra actions

6. Ability to save generated information

Tech info: React, TypeScript

Benefits and value

Screenshot 2023-10-06 at 16.50.51.png
Experience and achievements

Experience and achievements

Wrike Czech s.r.o.

Screenshot 2023-04-08 at 11.36.11.png

Wrike is an American project management application service provider - one of the top three in the world. 

What I did there?

  • Worked on the full testing process in the team, from requirements testing to collecting feedback from users

  • Was the main QA in three different teams

  • Worked with all types of manual testing

  • Wrote over 500 autotests for our features for the last year, using test design technics and testing by layers (FE + BE checks)

  • Halved the number of bugs, using a balance between new feature development and bug fixing

  • Doubled autotest coverage for our BE handlers

  • Onboarded 3 QAs

  • Improved a lot of processes in the team (QA - writing TDs, reviewing, automating; Team - ToDo lists, common approaches) Managed performance testing and database testing

  • Managed all scrum activities (of necessity)


Technical stack: Java 17+ JUnit 5 + Maven + Retrofit 2.0 + Allure + TeamCity/GitlabCI + Selenium Web Driver

Info about Wartsila



Wartsila is a global leader in innovative technologies and lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets.
What I did there?

  • Worked on manual web and desktop testing on physical test stands (all types of manual testing)

  • Participated in the deployment process of new product versions directly on cruise ships

  • Managed a group of 5 people during system testing

  • Automated test cases using Python and Robot framework


Technical stack: Python + Maven + Allure + Jenkins + Selenium Web Driver + Robot framework

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